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Green glaze

Dec 06, 2016

Green glaze is iron as a coloring agent, with the main flux of calcium oxide high-temperature glaze, is China's first color glaze porcelain. The so-called "blue" color is not pure blue, but has several colors such as yellow, green, cyan, but how much can always pan-green. Meanwhile, the ancients tended to three colors of blue, green, and blue, are collectively referred to as "blue", for example: Xu Zhiheng's Zhai said China drink flow said: "Shang Qing porcelain, green, and blue, are enclosed in green. "Liu Zifen said Zhu Yuan Tao also said:" green, often with blue mix. The storm, junyao kiln, Yuan Qing, is almost blue. …… Shiqianfeng cuise, plum green, pea green is a pure green ears. Sky blue, sometimes green. ”