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Green glaze

Dec 06, 2016

Pea green glaze is a glaze of green glaze derived, is one of the rose in the Song dynasty celadon glaze, glazed in green yellow, shiny powder blue, plum green than weak. Pea green glaze firing level stabilized in the Ming dynasty, the basic tone is still dominated by green flashing yellow, cyan and elegant than before. Soft pea green glaze is more elegant in the Qing dynasty, light if the light water, dark green and yellow glazed thick gel. While firing pea green glaze in the Qing dynasty, also impose on the glaze polychrome, secondary firing kiln, showy, decorative and elegant down to the soft pea green is all the more charming. After the middle of the Qing dynasty, pea green glaze, porcelain and decorative raised pattern on the Prime tyre, with blue and white decoration contour line that the write off, filled with pea green glaze and one kiln firing. Pea green glaze with transparent rather than white glaze, pea green glaze of blue and white pea green glaze color than good results.