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Holly glaze

Dec 06, 2016

According to the record of the Jingdezhen ceramic RAMPF records: bianjingdong during the Northern Song dynasty kilns (now Kaifeng in Henan province Chen Liu) burned, so called East blue, also called Holly, Frost blue. Founding Yu Yongle period seen today in East blue, after North Korea fired. Characterized by a green flashing green, green. Yongle East green-glazed porcelain and light grain, there are decorated with carved decoration, glaze layer of fat, there are many small bubbles. Drive East in the period of green glaze, body is thick, uniform degree of glaze and water more or less the same, most of the glazed orange peel grain-free, vitreous most contain no air bubbles, the glaze color shade but little changed. Qing emperor Yongzheng of East green glaze, glaze of iron and fired in a reducing atmosphere well control, features a glazed flat run, color stability, with pea green as the main colors.