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Misty Blue glaze

Dec 06, 2016

Glazes containing iron is less than 1%, at about 1200 ℃ high temperature reduction flame burning, white 70%. The tire hard and dense white, bone-thin, translucent glaze, green and white color

, Namely the Pan-Green in blue in the white, white, so called "white". Misty Blue glaze are "bluish white glaze, commonly known as. "Misty Blue" was earlier found in the literature is written in the 1906-1911 ask JI Park man of Tao Ya book. Xu Zhiheng said in the porcelain of the drinks flow the fast also said: "very thin biscuit porcelain, carved patterns reflected the blue shadow of that green. "Thus," Misty Blue "posterity according to the term celadon-glazed and moist, tyre walls very thin, carved with floral patterns and reflect green features and names. Because of song and Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain celadon also has the shadow feature, "Misty Blue" became the term ceramics sector to Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain since exclusive and refers specifically to the Qing dynasty when Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty Yongle or eggshell carving products. Also, Misty Blue called "covert green" or "Ying-Qing"