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Porcelain embryo

Dec 06, 2016

Porcelain. Where the ordinary porcelain is porcelain, porcelain powder in treating semen clarified that melted into mud, to become embryos. Grind stone for porcelain powder, fine embryo research. Porcelain music is clear and crisp. Porcelain, sand bottom, set the foot of fetuses and glazed. Sha Digui Bai Gui fine sand on the end.

Pulp-child. Very light and thin porcelain, tires are pulp. Pulp quality light and loose. A porcelain of the Ming and Qing dynasties clear casting, pulp tire porcelain thin body is light, white glaze to Kangxi, Yongzheng period prints and the blue and white Bowl, printed boxes and more.

Cylinder tire. Also known as tire fabrics, clay is heavy, stout, a type of porcelain, coarse, as Liao and porcelain in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces fired black glaze thick tire of bottles and the like. Cylinder quality, your light your ring, cylinder multiple copper tone of years long, so identification is often known by the sound of the record for long.

The barren womb. Where was heavy and thick, is a barren womb rather than real stone, mass grave, something like a marble carved into utensils. Kangxi stone wheel tri-color.

Iron tires. More iron tire refer specifically to soil containing iron ware, such as Song Jian Yao tuhao.

Fetal non iron iron, porcelain black, like iron, its thickness and weight of the tire is also inconsistent.

Bodiless. Derived from specified Dr LO Wing-Lok thin placenta white glaze Bowl is designed. This thin porcelain shell, also known as the egg. Like enamel based, its thin reflecting the finger thread. This system began in the Ming dynasty, and also to Dr LO Wing-Lok system for the most refined, drive system and comparable, Kangxi in the Qing dynasty by the system is also very thin, but only reflecting flowers and words.