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Powder blue glaze

Dec 06, 2016

Powder blue glaze is a glaze of green glaze derived, is a powder run green, translucent Sapphire, rose the first burning of South Song dynasty, is a kind of alkali lime glaze. With iron oxide as the main agent, there is a small amount of manganese dioxide or titanium, and hanging green glaze, tire ash, people kiln at 1180 1230 ° c high temperature reduction flame burning. Lime and alkali glazes high temperature viscosity, easy flow at high temperature glazes, glaze layer ID thicker, can appear gentle and elegant jade glaze texture. Powder blue glaze glaze layer containing large numbers of small bubbles and not fused quartz materials, they make it into the glaze layer strongly scatter light, making its appearance on access a completely different visual effects and glass glaze. Many of the Southern Song dynasty kilns burning powder blue, imitation Longquan kiln firing powder blue under the altar. Jingdezhen in Ming and Qing dynasty in sintering of powder blue, as shallow micro-flashes in green, blue, indicating glazes in addition to iron out, and trace the drilling elements.