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Brown Sauce-glazed Design

Dec 06, 2016

Song dynasty cizhou kiln porcelain color varieties. Draws it, baking methods and white glaze with underglaze black color the same, is likely to be in the process of burning white glaze with underglaze black color, black color caused by the firing temperature of thin or slightly different. Huge song, Liao, Jin, Yuan dynasties of cizhou kiln, using sauce packets or brown sauce for decoration of many kilns, each kiln and a distinctive style, white-sauce-glazed design enriched. However, white glaze sauce the color of mature products is the Jingdezhen Imperial Ming Xuan Denian asked plant to burn. The obvious difference from previous generations is the caramel filling the carved patterns in the second baking in kilns at low temperature and become, without stirring the Sesame color glaze.