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Porcelain Detail Maintenance

Dec 06, 2016

1. Porcelain is fragile, should pay attention to earthquake on save, squeeze, collision-proof. Appreciation of porcelain collectibles to be careful not to crash, drops, try not to sweat your hands to touch. Collection is the best glove, with a velvet pad on the table is good, when rewards don't pass each other, one person, tours ends should be placed on the table, others holding to watch.

2. Bottles, cans, and porcelain are generally two mosaics formed from the bottom, not a hand when you move the object upper neck. The right way is, one hand holding the neck in one hand and holding the end of. Bottles, cans, and is decorated with ears in access not only the ears, so as not to break or damage. Thin, thin, light, delicate, more careful when you moved, placed, to end in his hands, avoid single-handed, particularly bottles and foot small, body long, also wind-blown.

3. Just bought back high-temperature glaze or underglaze wucai porcelain should be first soaked in clean water for l hour, again with detergent to wash away the appearance of oil, towel-dry water use on the box, the box should be foam filled pads in, and collection of the bubble diameter must not exceed 0. 5 cm, porcelain collectibles boxes tight in the proper, while extrusion should be avoided to prevent damage Collections.

4. Unearthed of the low-temperature glaze and glaze color. In the glaze can seep into many odds and would even take off the glaze off color, between the glaze should add a small amount of adhesive on color coated soft adhesive prevent glaze a large area off. If it is buried in the ground a long time high temperature glaze or underglaze, porcelain surface and created a lot of calcium, silica compounds, namely, rust. Can be cleaned with water, soak for about 3 hours with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and then soaked with water for more than 30 hours, wash with clean white cloth, usually to remove rust. If not, available brushes dipped acetate, brushed stainless, 5 hours later with a medical scalpel tapering to remove rust, blades can only cut in one direction. Most of the rust was removed, then use Bai Jiebu and toothpaste until the rust removed completely, this method is only suitable for high temperature glaze and underglaze.