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Three Under-glazed Design

Dec 06, 2016

Tri-color high temperature porcelain decorated under the glaze color, start a burn during the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing dynasty, is based on cobalt oxide, copper oxide, three elements iron oxide colorant, and collection of blue and white, copper red, pea green glaze of the three colors in a color variety. Three under-glazed design originated in the early Wu Mo, Jin under-glazed design, invention of Changsha kiln in the Tang dynasty underglaze Brown-green color. Ming and Qing dynasties and produce more glazed porcelain, underglaze has been limited to two Underglaze Blue and underglaze red color. Kangxi period of Qing dynasty, underglaze technique again received attention, in Underglaze red and adds a pea green, three different temperature requirements for color set in a high temperature, the underglaze technique a step further. However, Kangxi three under-glazed design handed down very little, and may be related to small firing.