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When Washing Oil And Other Dirt, Should Have The Following Skills And Methods:

Dec 06, 2016

(1) General stains can be cleaned with alkaline water, you can also use SOAP, laundry detergent to clean, then rinse with clean water.

(2) Winter Scrub eggshell porcelain, to control the water temperature in case of alternating hot and cold water make porcelain crack.

(3) color porcelain, some because of the color of more lead in, lead Pan phenomenon appears, can be scrubbed with a cotton swab dipped in white vinegar, then rinse.

(4) if the porcelain pieces, or punching, crack, stains easily, "Qin" which used toothbrush dipped in acid cleaning. But the glaze color artifacts, this method cannot be used, due to acid, alkaline glaze and material injury. If it is gold colored porcelain, not with a feather duster to clean, because the Feather Duster is easy to damage on the China gold. Treasures such as Expo commemorative gifts should be equipped with the appropriate size, wooden cases or wooden box with bile in order to save the collection.